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Washington Post: "Feds’ charitable giving reflects worry; reciting oath on video reflects pride and Trump counterpoint"

By Joe Davidson
Monday, September 11, 2017

Federal workers have ways of making their feelings known, sometimes privately, sometimes for all to see.

Their charitable contributions provide insight into their anxieties. The oath of office some are now choosing to publicly repeat on videos demonstrates their fealty to the Constitution, not politicians, including the top one who considers them swamp dwellers. Repeating the oath is a simple act and a powerful counterpoint to President Trump’s narcissistic notion of loyalty.


Washington Post: "The hollowing out of the federal workforce"

By Jennifer Rubin
Thursday, September 7, 2017

These are not good days for those who have devoted their lives to government service. The State Department is demoralized, seeing a steady stream of departures, facing a raft of positions held by “acting” officials with no nominee even in the pipeline and losing visibility in an administration that favors hard-power solutions. A top official at the Environmental Protection Agency leaves with a blistering resignation letter. Meanwhile, “Nearly 400 workers have left the Environmental Protection Agency in recent days, the agency said Tuesday, a wave of departures that soon could take the agency’s staffing to its lowest point in almost 30 years.” At the Department of Housing and Urban Development, top posts are unfilled, morale is rotten and we see “a stream of committed career employees quitting.” Keeping the Oath - A new initiative seeks to remind government officials who they really serve.

By Yascha Mounk
Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#UpholdTheOath invites more than 2 million public servants in the United States to take and share a simple video of themselves reciting their oath of office—thereby reaffirming that, as intended by the Founding Fathers, their overriding loyalty is to the Constitution and not to any one political leader.